Equipment - Library

LMGD is equipped with::
  • 10 computers connected to a server
  • 7 printers
  • A high-tech scanner, suitable for digitization of old manuscripts and photographs
  • A photocopier and a copier.
  • 2 recording cabinets with electronic monitoring and guidance
  • A device for digitizing old recordings
  • A video camera and three digital cameras
  • 13 digital recorders
  • Voice recognition and digital processing software.

The equipment of LMGD was funded by EPEAEK (Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training) and the European Social Fund (ESF).

The library of LMGD contains:
  • Rare publications on dialects
  • Unpublished manuscripts
  • Scanned dialectal documents

The library has been enriched with donations by individuals and the Academy of Athens.

Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects
University of Patras, University Campus
265 04 Rio Patras, GREECE
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