The Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects covers a wide range of linguistic research with special interest in the study of Modern Greek dialects. The main areas of research are:

  • Theoretical Morphology as well as morphology-syntax and morphology-phonology interfaces
  • Language contact
  • Phonetic and Phonological analysis (with special interest in intonation)
  • Language evolution and language change
  • Lexicology/ Lexicography
  • Computational Morphology.

Basic research activities

  • Research projects aiming at a comprehensive and integrated study of Modern Greek Dialects.
  • Talks, workshops and conferences on Modern Greek dialects.
  • Student training in research, study and analysis of dialectal data.
  • Publication of volumes dedicated to the study of Modern Greek Dialects.
  • As part of its activities, the Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects has a systematic cooperation with institutions specialized in dialectal research, such as the Historical Archives of Greek Refuges, the Centre for Asia Minor Studies and the Historical Dictionary of the Academy of Athens.

Research Objectives

The main objective of The Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects is to accomplish a fully-fledged study and analysis of the linguistic variation and language change of Modern Greek dialects within the framework of modern linguistic theory, which, in turn, will promote the Greek linguistic heritage, and will forge a scientific framework applicable to other linguistic systems. It is also interested in creating a well-organized database of dialectal data from: (a) written sources and (b) recorded oral dialectal speech, as well as analyzing and describing the language mechanisms that determine the linguistic diversity and change.

Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects
University of Patras, University Campus
265 04 Rio Patras, GREECE
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