Research Projects in progress

‘’Digitizing the Cappadocian dialectal landscape’’ (2018-2020). Post-graduate research of Dr. Dimitra Melissaropoulou (2018-2020). Greek Ministry of Education

“Inflection and Inflectional Classes”. Greek State Scholarships Foundation. Doctoral research for M. Marinis. Greek Ministry of Education (2017-2019).

“Areal Morphology” (2017- ). University of Zurich Research Program. Coordinator: Prof. Michele Loporcaro, University of Zurich.

“Immigration and Language in Canada. Greeks and Greek-Canadians”. Niarchos Foundation (2016-2018). In collaboration with the Canadian Universities McGill York and Simon Fraser.

“Words in the World” (2016-2020). Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Coordinator: Prof. Gary Libben, Brock University.

 “Fading Voices in Southern Italy: Investigating Language Contact in Magna Graecia” (2015-2018). Leverhulme foundation. Coordinator: Prof. Adam Ledgeway, Cambridge.

Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects
University of Patras, University Campus
265 04 Rio Patras, GREECE
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