Research Projects in progress

  • Dictionary of the Asia Minor Dialects of Kydonies and Moschonisia and the Dialect of North-Eastern Lesbos. Enrichment and compilation of the dictionary which has been initiated within the framework of the research program Pythagoras II. Coordinator: Prof. A. Ralli.
  • Creation of database with dialectal compounds (approx. 3000 entries). Coordinator: Prof. A. Ralli. Assistant: Marios Andreou.
  • Documentation, study and cartography of the linguistic varieties in Lesbos (November 2010-December 2016). Secretariat General of the Aegean and the Insular Culture. Coordinator: Prof. A. Ralli.
  • Νetword for Word Structure (2011 – 2015). European Science Foundation. Coordinator: Dr. Vito Pirrelli, Centro Nazionale di Ricerca. Pisa. Coordinator in Greece: Prof. A. Ralli.
  • Pontus, Cappadocia, Aivali: In search of Asia Minor Greek. THALIS Program Greek Ministry of Education. 2012-2015 (selected first in Greece, in the field of Humanities, among 450 candidate projects). Coordinator: Prof. A. Ralli.
  • Morphology and language contact: Modern Greek dialects in contact with Turkish and Italian. (Morilan Project). (2013-2015). Coordinator: Prof. A. Ralli.
Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects
University of Patras, University Campus
265 04 Rio Patras, GREECE
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