Collaboration with research centres:

  • Centre of Research of Modern Greek Dialects (Academy of Athens)
  • Institute for Modern Greek Studies, M. Triantaphyllidis Foundation
  • Centre for Asia Minor Studies
  • Ghent University (Prοf. Mark Janse)
  • University of Leiden (Prof. Geert Booij)
  • Meertens Institute (Royal Dutch Academy)
  • The Ohio-State University (Prof. Brian Joseph)
  • University of Bologna (Prof. Sergio Scalise)
  • University of Salerno (Prof. Claudio Iacobini)
  • Bogazici University (Assoc. Prof. Aslı Göksel)
  • University of Košice, Slovakia (Prof. Pavol Štekauer
Laboratory of Modern Greek Dialects
University of Patras, University Campus
265 04 Rio Patras, GREECE
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